Moraine Lake & Peyto Lake

10/6/18 Day 2: Moraine Lake, Hector Lake, Crowfoot Glacier, Bow Lake, Bow Glacier, Peyto Lake.

On our second morning, we woke up at our hostel and headed downstairs for a quick bite at Bill Peyto’s Cafe in the HI Lake Louise Alpine Lake Centre. Then we headed to the Lake Louise Visitor Center to chat about trail conditions and avalanche danger.

We already knew the road to Moraine Lake was closed to vehicles, but we were allowed to hike the road at our own risk. We felt a lot better after we spoke to the park ranger. We found out there was only about a 100 meter stretch of avalanche danger on the whole 8 mile road up to Moraine Lake. She told us where to be extra cautious and after that we were ready to go! It was going to be a long day since we decided to walk/run the 16 mile stretch out and back to Moraine Lake.

We parked across the street from the start of the road to Moraine Lake at a picnic area parking lot and set out on our hike!


We stayed on the road the whole time since the snow was pretty deep on the trail.20181006_11172020181006_113824

Phil on the road!20181006_114020

The scenery wasn’t so bad for a nice jog, huh?20181006_11411320181006_11433220181006_11445120181006_121333

We made it the 8 miles up to Moraine Lake!20181006_12194320181006_12195820181006_124303


What a view!


Moraine Lake.20181006_130533_001

We made it! The best part about the road being closed, was the fact that we had Moraine Lake to ourselves! It was totally worth the hike up for this once in a lifetime experience. This place was unreal!20181006_130820



It took us about 2 hours to get to the top, an hour exploring around and then about 2 hours to get back down. What a perfectly clear day!20181006_16465620181006_164908

At this point, we made it back to the car and went back to the visitor center. She told us the weather had changed and we should see as much as we could today since we might be clouded in tomorrow. So we set out to drive up the famous Icefield Parkway. These are pictures out of our car window!20181006_16512420181006_16512620181006_16512720181006_16513020181006_165435

Bow Lake. 20181006_16543820181006_16561420181006_17063120181006_17063520181006_170652

Bow Glacier.20181006_17152620181006_17163020181006_17175620181006_174110

Short hike up to Peyto lake. 20181006_174255

Peyto Lake!


Now we were headed back to the town of Lake Louise for our second night staying at the hostel in Banff National Park.20181006_18065920181006_18071420181006_18074520181006_18083320181006_18132320181006_182050

This 20 mile day marked 610 miles since marriage.

What a perfect day! 🙂

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