Back in Seattle, 561st Mile.

We just couldn’t stay away! It has been exactly 2 summers since we lived in Seattle the first time, and fell in love!

We finished up working in Hawaii in early June and spent a couple more weeks in Hawaii just enjoying paradise (future post?).

We went home to Tennessee in late June to visit some family and friends and someone turned 30!!!


We started work in Seattle in early July and are going to be here until December.


We have been busy bees! I wanted to run through a couple photos of our lives so far since living in Seattle. Pictured above, is a celebratory first day of work beer at our new jobs. 🙂


We spent the Fourth with friends watching the fireworks over Lake Union from this patio.


My first attempt at a fruit pizza!


We spent one weekend up in Leavenworth hanging out with friends.


Then we had a couple visitors in a row! Above is my cousin, Meg and her Husband, Mark!


Then Phil’s brother, Jay came to visit!


While Jay was here, we spent one day boating around Lake Union with a bunch of friends.


And lastly, Sarah popped in to do some exploring!


We enjoyed a Sounders game with MB…


And spent time with some new friends here in Seattle!


Finally, Phil ran in his second Ultra Marathon in September! He completed 31 miles in the Three Corner Rock 50k right out side of Portland, OR in a little town called North Bonneville.


Of course, we also have been doing some hiking. 🙂 Two weekends ago, we went to Mount Rainier National Park.

The planner of the two (I’ll let you guess who that is ;), chose an awesome hike up Burroughs Mountain which stands a little over 7800 feet. This mountain snuggles up close to the northeastern face of Mount Rainier (14,441 feet).

We drove to Sunrise Visitor Center at 6400 feet and started up Three Burroughs Mountain Loop Trail.


It didn’t take long before she started peaking through the trees!


This trail was about 9.5 miles and 2500 feet of elevation gain.


Mount Rainier!



At this point, we made it to the start of the Burroughs’ mountains. This area is a unique rugged alpine tundra.


Views on all sides of the trail!





Here, I am sitting on top of Third Burroughs Mountain looking up at the incredible close up view of Mount Rainier.


Pictures as we hike back down…



Can you spot anything in the picture below?


Here I’ll zoom in for you…


Mountain Goats! A nice surprise at the end.

We highly recommend this hike to get up close and personal to Mount Rainier.

This hike marked our 561st mile since marriage of hiking together. Hopefully, many more to come!

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