Island Time



Well to say finding time for a blog has been easy, would be a lie. 🙂 I am just going to say I have been on island time and it has been wonderful.


Hawaiian life is laid back, easy, and stress free. Even though Honolulu is a big city with lots of traffic, no one honks, and you see hang loose symbols instead of middle fingers. There is no way to be mad!

One of my favorite things about this city, are the large trees that are still around! Here are just a few of the ones I admire on my runs.


One of the unique Banyan Trees of Hawaii pictured above.


The Monkeypod Trees.


(All photos on this blog post were taken with a phone.)


Okay, enough about trees…  Many of you have been concerned about our safety with the Volcano. Since my last post was about fires and mudslides around Santa Barbara, it does seem there is a trend with us and natural disasters, but hopefully not. 😉 We are currently living on the island of Oahu and have been unaffected by the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Many of my patients have been complaining about Vog (Volcanic Fog), but I have not noticed a difference or been affected by the air quality. Kauai has also seen a lot of tragedy with the recent devastating flooding and we ask that you keep them in your thoughts as well.

On a happier note, we have had many visitors since living here and it has been amazing!

First was Anna Lee, my older sister for her birthday away from 3 kids!


Second was Lindsey and David, our friends from working in California.


Then was Mom and Kelly on Kelly’s spring break!



Then it was Megan, Kristin, and Becca in for a vacation!



And this week the whole Brock family will be visiting for 10 days!!

We also have been busy hiking almost every weekend. Hawaii has some very challenging hikes and some of the scariest we have ever done. Two of the most precarious hikes were Three Peaks and Pu’u Manamana.


This was taken on Three Peaks Hike with our new-found friends Gemma and Jean! And yes, we hiked to the tippy top of that mountain in the background. It was one of the craziest and most rewarding hikes I have done. Thanks to the help of these lovely, brave people, we all made it up together!!


I can’t post about Hawaii and not talk about all the unique food. Above is the famous Acai Bowl. It is delicious! Basically a smoothie in a bowl with yummy toppings.


Hawaiian’s love their shaved ice. It is a mix between a snow cone and ice cream!


So much yummy Sushi!!


Above is Hawaiian spam, Korean BBQ and chicken katsu.


There are a lot of food trucks on the Island!


The delicious Malasadas. Think a donut with coconut cream in the middle!


Andddddd more Hawaiian ice! I hope you are now officially hungry! So much more to talk about with our Hawaii adventures, but I must go to bed. Until next time…