First Post, 265th Mile.

Hey guys! Welcome to our blog. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

Phil and I got married this past St. Patrick’s Day! Ever since then, we have been writing down our hiking miles by keeping up with what hikes we do, a little bit about our experience, the date, and the mileage in a journal. This spiked the idea behind the marriagemiles blog. I always wanted to start a blog ever since we began traveling as physical therapists back in 2014. I kept putting it off and then one day I drove past this garden center. The sign out front read, “The best time to buy a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time to buy a tree is NOW.” This really hit home. I was held up on the fact that I should have started a blog years ago, when all I needed to do was start blogging today. So here we go… and thank you for reading! (This was taken from my about page for clarity).

Since marriage on March 17th, we have hiked 265 miles together. Hiking is nothing new to us, but keeping track of it is. On our honeymoon, we decided to start recording all the miles we hike together. We wrote them down in this book.


It has been so fun! I hope to go back and post about some oldies-but-goodies, but I am not promising anything.

Right now, we live in Seward, Alaska. As of late, Seward has been nothing but rain. Whenever there is a break in the rain, we hike or run!

Today, we decided to go up Mt. Marathon on the Jeep trail to eventually get to the Bowl.

mt We have done Mt. Marathon many times, but never around the back to the Bowl. It was beautiful! I didn’t bring my Canon, so the Samsung will have to do for today.


Once we got up above the tree line, we had a quick view of Resurrection Bay before the fog rolled in.


Look at those fall colors! Phil is looking up at the Bowl in this picture.




Mt. Marathon Bowl



My hiking model. 🙂


The fog came creeping in!


Then we started back down the trail.

You know how most places in the lower 48 you want to be quiet and hear nature at times on your hike? Well in Alaska, you want to make noise, talk, yell, sing, etc. They say to make enough noise so you won’t surprise a bear or other unsuspecting wild animal. We sometimes play music on our phones, yell “Hey Bear!” or talk. Today we happen to be playing a podcast. We have been listening to Up and Vanished lately (thanks to Jamie). It is so good! You should definitely check it out if you enjoy investigative journalism. Especially if you enjoyed the Serial podcast as much as I did. We were so wrapped up in episode 15 that we stumbled upon a Moose!


Luckily, she was minding her own business and there were no calves in sight. We just scooted on by and went on our merry way.


Just another day in the Alaskan wilderness! It really is the Last Frontier.

Well, this made our 265th mile together and many more to come!

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